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Dr. Vodder School International

Dr. Vodder Akademie Austria

If you happened to visit my website from outside of Toronto seeking lymphedema treatment and not sure where to find a therapist, they have a therapist list who had their training from them. Therapists are all over the world!


Wittlinger Therapiezentrum (Walchsee, Austria)

They are accepting patients from all over the world and providing the highest CDT treatment. 

If you are interested to visit them for treatments, I may be able to help you organize your visit. Feel free to contact me.


Medicor Cancer Centres

This is Canada's first integrated private cancer treatment clinic, located at Yonge/Sheppard area. They accept patients without family doctor's referral.

I am offering CDT treatment for Medicor patients in collaboration with the clinic.


Lymphedema Association of Ontario

Great resource for people with lymphedema.



You can learn things about breast cancer from symptoms to treatment, to day-to-day matters (including lymphedema), to lowering the risk... Medical experts such as MDs are supervising the contents.


Wellspring Cancer Support Network

Wonderful cancer support network, 9 locations in Ontario ( 3 in Downtown Toronto), and 2 in Alberta). They are organizing events.


Ontario Ministry of Health and Long term care - ADP: Pressure Modification Devices

Financial Aid for Primary and Secondary Lymphedema, and some burn scars


Mesothelioma Resource Online

great resource for mesothelioma , the cancer  in the tissue that surrounds certain internal organs of the body, including the chest, heart and abdomen. It is said that the exposure to Asbestos is the only known cause of mesothelioma.



Great blog by a lady in Copenhagen who is with primary lymphedema.

There are many useful posts how she's dealing with lymphedema, the experiences of treatments from patient side, her thoughts and tips of living with lymphedema etc.


Typical Girl: One Girl's Ramblings about Coping with Lymphedema

Wonderful blog by a lady in Cicago with primary lymphedema in her leg. She shares her experiences and life with lymphedema, what are the challenges, etc. 

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Karen Dansingani

She is a Registered Massage Therapist practicing in Downtown Toronto.

She has 10 year experience of reflexology, and is a certified reflexology teacher.