<< What is Lipedema, Lipoliymphedema?>>


Lipolymphedema is a direct result of a chronic condition called Lipoedema.


Lipoedema is often misdiagnosed as obesity, but this is a pathological condition which is characterized as proliferation (increase in numbers) of fat cells while obesity is defined as increased size in fat cells. People with Lipoedema have difficulty slimming down despite a great amount of effort on dieting.


This condition is almost exclusively seen in women and develops in their puberty or after pregnancy. It has a symmetrical appearance, and the majority appears in the hips, thighs and legs (not in feet). However, it can occur in arms. The skin is very soft like a “marshmallow”, sensitive to pinching of the skin, bruises easily, and it shows an uneven skin surface and becomes lobular when the condition progresses further.


Once this reaches a certain point, the fat tissues starts to impact and damage other structures, resulting in compromised venous and lymphatic return, with an end result of swelling (Lipolymphedema).