<< What is Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)? >>


Manual Lymph Drainage method was first introduced by Danish Doctors Emil and Estrid Vodder in 1932 in France. In 1967, The Vodders and Dr.Gunther and Hildegard Wittlinger founded a teaching facility Dr. Vodder Akademie and Lymphedema clinic Wittlinger Therapiezentrum in Austria. Since then, as pioneers of MLD technique, they have been teaching MLD all over the world and treating lymphedema conditions in their clinic. All lymphatic work you see now was created from the original Vodder Method.


How does Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) work?

The lymphatic system originates from right under the skin. With MLD technique, the skin is stretched in a special manner to stimulate lymphatic flow. It is a very gentle, repetitive, rhythmical, and direction and pressure specific technique. It is pain-free, and you will find it very relaxing. You will enjoy wonderful effects on the body to which nothing can compare.


    The lymphatic system is very sensitive to pressure and stretch, so the technique must be performed correctly or it will shut the lymph vessels and disturb its transport function. This is why MLD has to be performed by certified therapists to obtain the maximum benefit.


What are the benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)?

- Decreased Swelling

MLD technique stimulates contraction of the lymph vessels, and lymph flow increases. The excessive fluid is carried away from the swollen area.

It is said that MLD can move 7 to 10 times more lymph than in normal circumstances. 


- Reduced Pain

When tissues are damaged, substances are produced from broken down cells, and these substances cause pain. MLD flushes out these pain causing substances.

When MLD is applied over or around the painful area, it decreases or blocks the pain signals that travel to the brain.


- Speeds Up the Healing Process

 Lymph contains waste products, and when MLD applied, waste products are carried away from congested areas. Fresh lymph is then brought to the area. Lymph contains cells and vitamins that are very important for healing. When the area is less swollen, these cells can act more efficiently and the healing process improves. 


- Deep Relaxation

With MDL you will become calmer, more relaxed or even fall asleep as the parasympathetic system becomes dominant over the sympathetic system. The parasympathetic system promotes growth and recovery. It also restores strength,  and triggers pleasure reflexes. This is very important when you are recovering from illness or trauma, stress or fatigue.


-Toned Skin

The flushing effect of MLD will stimulate lymph flow under the skin, which will tone and improve its elasticity. 


-Purified Tissue

As lymph drains the pollutants away from the areas, MLD cleans and purifies the tissue.


-Increased Cellular Metabolism 


By taking waste products away and bringing fresh lymph into the area, it will provide tissues a better environment for metabolism. 


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