Pregnancy and Lactation Wellness

What is Lactation Massage TM?


Lactation Massage is a form of breast massage, which is specifically designed to address pain and discomfort related to pregnancy and lactation.


This form of breast massage is commonly practice in Japan and some Asian countries by medical professionals such as midwives, and well accepted in the medical community.


This safe and gentle hands-on treatment is beneficial for all pregnant and lactating individuals.


What conditions can be treated with Lactation Massage?

  - Pain and discomfort during pregnancy and lactation

  - Flat or inverted nipples

  - Painful or Swollen nipples

  - Engorgement

  - Blocked ducts

  - Blebs

  - Lumps (of benign origin, or due to static milk)

  - End of weaning

  - Physical pain and discomfort related pregnancy and lactation (neck, shoulder, chest wall, and arm pain)



When to receive lactation massage

During pregnancy (36weeks~)

Your breast has gone through drastic changes during your pregnancy journey.