<<Scar Treatment >>

When the tissues are damaged or dead, they will be cleaned away by lymph, and the gaps between alive tissues will be filled by connective tissue in a disorganized manner, which will transform into scar tissue.

When this scar tissue becomes coarser, it is called Keloid Formation.


Scars can affect one's self-image, self-esteem, social activities, even one's quality of life.

As a result I think it is very important to spread this non-invasive treatment to as many people who are self-consious about their apparence with scars.


Here, I would like to put a strong emphasis on the benefits of MLD and other modalities on scars. 


When proper treatment is performed, it will,,,

-speed up the healing process

-minimize scar formation

-flatten and soften the scar

-prevent shrinkage/contracture of the scar

-make the scar less itchy


Thus, scars gradually become less visible, and  more mobile.


If you are planning to have surgery and worried about the scar, or if you are prone to Keloid formation, it is a great idea to start our sessions even before your surgery.


If you accidentally got a scar recently, immediate session is highly recommended.


And it is never too late. If your scar is old, or if you wish that the scar be less visible and that it not limit your activities, MLD, cupping therapy, and acupuncture are the right choice.


MLD is never painful. It is rather enjoyable. MLD will bring you a very relaxing and pleasant experience at each session.


Cupping therapy increases blood circulation to the scar and surrounding areas and softens the area.


Acupuncture brings more blood to the area, so that body can heal on its own. 


Treatment durations, frequencies, number of sessions, and results of the treatments depend on the condition of the each scar and person.


Treatment is billed as registered massage therapy. 


Your insurance provider may cover some of the cost of massage therapy  treatment. Contact your insurance provider for details.


If you claim our treatment as a medical expense on your the income tax return, often a doctor's note is needed. Please check with your accountant.