<< What kind of scars can be treated? >>

Future Scars

If you are going to have surgery, is it a good idea to start MLD sessions before the surgery to prepare the tissues for the oncoming damage and better healing.

Continuing treatment after the surgery will improve healing process greatly.


New Scars

If you recently had a scar, MLD will help reduce swelling and pain, and the

scar will appear less visible. The scar will heal faster.

Please obtain a doctor's note if your scar is stitched or under medical supervision.


Old Scars

The scar will become softer, flatter, and more mobile with MLD treatment. 

The treatment process is usually longer.

Treatment can be done without doctor's note.


Before and After plastic/cosmetic surgery ( including dental procedures)

It is absolutely a great idea to start MLD sessions before surgery to prepare the tissue for the oncoming damage and better healing.

MLD will reduce the swelling, pain or risk of infection from the surgery.

Almost all plastic surgery procedures will benefit from MLD treatment. 

Please a obtain doctor's note/referral for MLD once your scar is stitched or under medical supervision.


Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tatto removal breaks down the ink, and this broken down ink will be carried away by the lymphatic system.

By having MLD sessions before and during your tattoo removal procedurs, your skin will heal faster, and you will undergo less pain. It will help the lymph to take up the broken down ink and it can minimize the risk of blisters and scarring resulting from the procedure.



-First Degree Burns (Burns with no blisters) 

The area is very red and painful, but no blisters.

MLD will reduce swelling and pain, and will minimize the risk of discoloratiaon.

It can be treated without doctor's note.


-Second Degree Burns (Burns with blisters) 

This stage is also very painful.

MLD will reduce swelling and pain, and the blisters become smaller much quicker.

Please obtain a doctor's note if it is weeping or under medical supervision.


-Third Degree Burns and Skin Grafts

The damage is deeper in the skin and you may not feel pain as pain receptors are also damaged in third degree burns.

MLD can be very helpful to flush out debris and bring nutrients to the areas. The scar will also look much less visible.

Doctor's note is required for MLD treatment as 3rd degree burns and skin grafts need medical supervision.


Old burns

MLD gradually softens and flattens the burn scars. They become more flexible and mobile.

It all depends on the size and apparence of the scars, however, they may need longer treatment procedures.

Doctor's note is not necessary.


Keloid Scars

MLD gradually softens, and flattenes keloids, and they become less visible and the borders will become less prominent. Feeling of tautness in a fresh scar will be reduced. 

If you are prone to keloid formation and going to have surgery, it is highly recommended to start MLD before the surgery and continue MLD sessions after the surgery for better scar appearance.

Doctor's note is not needed. 


Contracted Scars

Contracted scars limit the movement of the body as they pull the surrounding skin and underlying tissues.

MLD will soften these scars and help new skin/tissue to grow in the area. The scars will become more mobile, thus MLD will decrease pulling and give you more movement.


Acne Scars

Similar to other scars, MLD is beneficial to decrease the appearance of scars due to acne.


Stretch Marks

It works best if you have MLD sessions before stretch marks appear (ie. pregnancy).

If you already have stretch marks, MLD will still reduce the stretch marks.


Other conditions can also be treated. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.