< Breast Massage Course>

I attended Breast Massage and Treatment for the Pectoralis Muscles course, by Luise Danieli, in Kitchener, Ontario, March 25, 2012.


It was a very helpful course for me to understand and gain extra knowledge of breast and surrounding structures, and how to treat them effectively.

People with breat issues often have guarding posture and these structures need extra attention during treatment, I feel that my treatment for people with breast issues is more comprehensive.


This treatment involves lymphatics system, fasciae, Pec and other muscles, joints, and actual breat tissues, it will greatly reduce swelling/congestion of breast, increase drainage, stretch tight muscles, increase joint mobility, and maintain good breast tissue health.


Massage can be done either through the sheet (no exposure of breasts, no direct hand contact), or without sheets (minimum exposure of breast, direct hand contact), according to your comfort levels.


Indications are:

-Clients requests

-Pre-menstrual tender breast

-Post natal breast tenderness (engorgement)

-Lactating breast

-Fibrosis in breast

-Post mastectomy

-Post chest surgeries (lung, heart, etc)

-Rounded shoulders

-breathing difficulty



As for post mastectomy, they are (depending of their medical intervention) at lifelong risk of lymphedema , it is very important to have a massage from therapists with deeper knowledge of lymphedema. As a lymphedema therapist, I am able to modify the techniques, and able to provide information on how to prevent lymphedema and give preventative exercises etc during breast massage sessions.


As for post surgeries, with combination with MLD, it will greatly improve scar healing and minimize the scar formation (it doesn't matter how old the scars are), thus improve range of motion and Quality of Life!















With Luise Danieli, the course instructor.